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Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1989 to provide well-trained mechanical engineers for the industry need. The Department was reorganized, renamed as the Department of Automation Engineering in 1995 and finally was renamed as the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering in 2005.


Educational Goals

Follow governmental policies to train the students in the fields of humanities and automation technology.

Provide the country with professionals in automation processes to work in fields of designing, manufacturing, monitoring, and system integration.



Day School: four-year college program.

Night School: four-year college program.

Weekend School: two-year college program.



With the excellent faculty and at the superb location, the school focuses on the cooperation with the industry. We also focus on the integration technology of electro mechanics, electronics, and information. The students¡¦ projects have excelled in numerous competitions. The future lies in automatic monitoring, the designing of automation machineries, and CAD/CAE/CAM engineering applications.



The faculty includes 23 full-time teachers. Most of them own Ph.D. degrees and they have the government authorized licenses and industry experience.



We train our students to integrate theory and hands-on experience. The curriculum is designed to closely cooperate with the companies in the Kaohsiung Science Park.


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